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Reader reviewed by Kaia H.

To be honest, I definitely hated the book. At some parts, I felt like I had to low of a comprehension level to understand it. And at other parts, I felt like they thought I was stupid. The author also needed to be a lot more descriptive. The words were dull and boring. I see how if the author used too many descriptive words it would be difficult to read, but there were hardly any. I bet the book would have gotten a better review if he (the author) would have only taken five more minutes to change the word cool to awesome. Another point I have is that the book didnt really interest me. I like mystery and humor books, not dull books about kids who sit around and play cards. Maybe people who have no friends, sit in a desk all day, and get straight As might like this book, but I strongly dislike it. Although, I believe that my grandma might actually like this one. This book just is not for me. I mean, some of the parts in the book were sad and almost made me cry, but there were other parts that I just thought were stupid. Example: Every day Trav. And I would head over to Kates house to play cards. What is the point of that? Nothing ever happened when they were playing cards. It made no sense to write that. I didnt tell you that after that sentence there was a heck of a lot of other words that described what games they played and who won them. I dont really care about that, because it is not like they ended going to the big league. That book is just kind of an oldie. I guess that I will just repeat myself, I hated it!
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