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Reader reviewed by Dylan Tunheim

Dylan Tunheim

I thought remembering the good times was the worst book.i have ever read it was slow paced and there was no story line to it I thought travis would die soon in the book so that everybody would learn a lesson. But no because he had to die at the end travis was the worst character because he acted like an adult all the time there wasnt time to be a kid like everybody else. I didnt care for the way the characters acted because they acted like the 50s that time period not the 2000s if they would have made this story a little more fast paced they would have made a pretty good but there attempt was a total failure nobody wants to read about a old lady in solcum like polly. I think they should have made travis come from a bad family and that would be better than what they have now for travis. And they should of made them a little bit older at the beginning of the story that would have made it better but in the long run a suicide is killing yourself because of self pain on the inside or it can be on the outside or it can just be coming from a bad family and not getting enough attention. Travis was the guy everyone counted on and he didnt want to be that person he didnt like being in regular classes because he felt that he was wasting his talents. I would not recommend having someone read RTGT because it is not a story for school.
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