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Reader reviewed by Ashlynne Krueger

I enjoyed Remembering The Good Times because I love stories that have strong friendships and drama. In this story Buck and Kate and Travis had great connection. Theyve showed me that a healthy friendship lasts along time. Some examples of their closeness is when Travis was stuck in Jail he wasted his one phone call to contact his best friend, Buck. Then Buck came immediately, no questions asked. Another time would be when Kate tried out for the play, she needed Buck there with her. Finally when she did get the part, Buck, Travis, and Polly helped her prepare even when they already knew she was ready.
I personally think that Kate and Buck should have dated in the story. Even though Kate seemed to be attached to Travis like they were meant to be together. Buck has always had certain feelings for Kate since the second time they talked. When Buck learned that Kate and Travis had a close relationship over the summer while he was away in Cleveland with his mom and step-dad, he became a little jealous.
Some of the things I learned from reading this book is sometimes you dont know your friends as well as you thought. Kate and Buck knew that something was wrong with Travis because of the way he acted and sometimes thought of things in a weird way. Another thing I picked up from this book was try at what you want in life and appreciate life. As an example for the part of never giving up would be when Kate wanted to be in the play so badly that she tried her best and never gave up. My other thing I said I learned was appreciating what you have and dont it waste it or take it for granted that way Travis did.
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