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Reader reviewed by Austin

I think the book Remembering the good times is a really pointless book. I think some pages were pointless because some didnt make any sense. An example is Travis killed himself because he thought his teacher and his parents were not challenging him enough. In chapter 14 and 15. Travis is a character in the book.

There are some other characters I want to introduce to you so here they are. Buck, Kate, Travis, Bucks dad, Kates mom, Sketer, and Fred. Buck is the most important in the book. And also Bucks the one who tells this story.

Kate is a really nice girl who meets Buck a boulevard and they become best friend except Travis. Skater is really smart lid but he thinks he can beat up Buck but Buck is way bigger and stronger. Skater only ways 180 pounds and 5 feet something with brown hair.

Buck lives with both of his parents and he went to live with his mom in the summer in California and Travis was hanging out with Kate all summer long. So Kate and Travis liked each other. Travis and Buck were really good friends but when they were hanging out with Kate they get in a big fight at his party. They go over to Pollys house and try on some Halloween costumes. So they go in her house and try on clothes for a big Halloween party and a big bomb fire. Kate has this big old pink gown and Travis tries on this brown suite with this thing around his solder.

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