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Reader reviewed by Kelsey N.

I enjoyed this book becuase its tells how three people became friends and out in the world you might hear how some friends became friends like them. I thinkBuck is a good story teller becuase he tells it in way no one else would. But I would hate living in a small trialor like Buck but he has a good life where he lives and he doesnt want to move with his mom and stepdad to a town he doesnt know anything about. Buck has all his friiends in Solcum. I'm remind myself of Buck but I moved to a different twon and went to the same school in my old town. Now Trav has some big problems at home. He always gets beat now I would never do that to anyone that is plan old mean. His dad not that mean about when he went to jail. I would talk to him about it and ask what he did to get in jail and Kate has a good life she lives with her grandmother and mother. This book shows the friendship you should learn somethings about friendship. Buck's really shpws you how you can keep a friendship. Buck's friends meant the most to him. He was really sad when Travis killed himself but Travis didn't went to be in the world anymore. Kate and Polly were sad as much as Buck was. I hope you learn something from this book.
By: Kelsey Nerison
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