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Reader reviewed by sam

I dont think that Remembering the Good Times was a bad book for several reasons. First I hate how almost all of the events leading up to Travis suicide are so dull and boring. All the book talks about is Bucks mom moving away with her boyfriend. Also they go to high school.
The only interesting parts in the book are when Buck and Skeeter fight. Then when Trav gets arrested for breaking into a toy store. I suppose the best part in the whole book is when Trav commits suicide; I think that is one of the best parts in the book.
I think if the author would have put some more interesting events it would have been a pretty good book. I dont think it is all bad though. He has good characteristics in writing. I mean he has really good describing words. I think that he used too much dialogue. It just takes to long to read, only because it is too lengthy.
Overall I do not like this book and I would not recommend this to anyone. Also I think this is the worst or at least one of the worst books I have ever read in my whole life. I am so happy that we are finally done with it. I think that the teachers should recognize how boring this book is. So, this is why I think that this was a very bad book to me and anyone if youre smart.
By: Sam Paulson
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