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Buck and Kate just met randomly. Then they go and watch a baby horse being born. They never really see each other for a while till school starts. Buck and Kate are at school, where the bully Skeeter is raising some anarchy by harassing the teacher Ms. Slater and the students. Then out of nowhere this kid magically calms Skeeter down somehow. So Buck and Kate start being friends with this kid and his name is trav.
So Buck, Kate, and Trav start hanging out at Kates house. Kate live with her grandma Polly Prior, and her mom but her mom is never really home so Kate has to take care of Polly. They would play many board games like monopoly and some card games. Polly would cheat to win no matter what the circumstances are. Trav would push himself way to much for school he was in all the advanced classes. Then they made it to high school. Skeeter stole Bucks Dads hardhat so Buck and Skeeter fight. Skeeter wins but Buck got the hard hat back. Trav and Kate came and yelled at Buck for a while then went to Irenes for help with the awful bleeding. Next there is a Halloween themed homecoming dance. Kate and Rusty have a plan for Mr. Slater to beat up Skeeter up and it works. Then Kates Play is coming up and Buck and Trav miss it because Trav is in jail for stealing toys. Then Trav does suicide and the book pretty much ends.
I did not like this book at all. I would of have never read it if my school didnt make us do it. I would never recommend this to someone.
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