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Reader reviewed by Taylor N

I liked the book Remembering the Good Times because it reminds me of my friends and I and how things can change or turn around so quickly. Also how friendships change. But, I didnt like the part were Trav hung himself. He could have died some way else. Like in a car accident or some other less violent way. A good part in the book that I liked and was interested in is how jealous Buck was between Kate and Trav. I think they should have gone out because then Buck might have actually stayed in football and he might be popular like Kate and Trav were. I think Polly is a really interesting person because not many people in the world are quite like her. I liked her because she is old and says she is the meanest person around and will never die. She is also very sarcastic and funny. She is pretty bossy and mean, though. I also like the character Trav because he is extremely smart, but is so depressed because he thinks he is not smart enough and he is not like most people. When he dies in the story, it is like the climax. It was something that really caught my attention. He should not have committed suicide because then he could have had a good chance with Kate, and he could have a better friendship with Buck. There are some examples of why I liked and disliked the book Remembering the Good Times.
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