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Reader reviewed by Jake C

I loved this book and its called remembering the good times

I liked remembering the good times because it was like if it was in real life. It had everything like if you were in the book. It was also a little sad when Travis had killed himself but no one knew why he did kill himself.

Bucks parents were divorced at the beginning of the book and Buck had to live with his dad in Solcum a town that he hadnt ever heard of.. Buck was new to where he now lives but he meet the girl named Kate and a few weeks later Buck meet Travis and they are all in junior high and a year later they are going into high school.

Travis was doing very well in high school he was smart, he won a award, he was nice to every and everyone wanted to be just like him. Buck was very joules at Travis party because Kate was hanging out with him more then he she was hanging out with Buck

I do like this book a lot I recommend it to people because it is very good has great information on what can happen if you do loss one of your friend in your life. I thought that the ending could of been more interested or more exciting of an ending for the reader to want to read the next book after this one. Remembering the good times is a very interesting and kind of sad book but I loved it so much I hope everyone else reads it.
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