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I read the book Remembering the Good times by Richard Peck. Its about three friends in high school that go through a very troubling problem when one of the friends takes his life. Its strange how the friend that seems to have it all going for him is the one that takes his life. Buck is the narrator of the story and one of the friends. Bucks mom just got remarried and he decided to move in with his dad in the small town of Slocum in a trailer. Kate is also one of the friends that lives with her mom and her great grandmother, Polly. Her mother doesnt really take care of her and seems to not care about Kate. Then there is Travis or Trav. His parents really care about him and he is doing well with money. He also has awesome grades and has enough money to go to a good collage. Polly, Trav, Kate, and Buck start to hang out and become good friends, wasting away the summer days playing cards. When high school starts Kate and Trav become much closer and Buck fells left out. Trav fells unchallenged by high school and had some problems with growing up. When Trav takes his life Kate and buck become closer because they are dealing with the same pain, Polly also deals with pain because she became Travs friend over time. I was assigned this book for a school class. I usually dont like the books I am assigned although I did enjoy this book.
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