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Reader reviewed by Zac B.

Remembering the Good Times
BY: Zac Bublitz

Personally, I didnt care for Remembering the Good Times, because I kept on getting lost. The story was okay in some parts, but most parts werent the greatest. I thought it was confusing how he made Trav come into the sceen when Skeeter was being disruptive and he had Trav calm down Skeeter. Then just have Trav walk right out of the room! I also disliked how he had the party and he had Trav show the guests his childish bedroom.
The thing that I liked about the book is that it is similar to the book Twilight, because its about a girl named Bella who moves in with her dad. The reason why she moves in with her dad is because her mom gets remarried to a man and then move to Florida. The only difference so far that I know about is that nobody dies.
Otherwise I would never recommend this book to anyone that I know. I also think that they should not have students reading about the book. My final thought is that I dont think that Miss Osborne should have given away the part that Trav died before we started to read the book.
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