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Reader reviewed by skye

RTGT wasnt that very interesting to me, probably because I dont have much interest in non-fiction books. I cant say that there were no fairly incredible parts, I had pictured Pollys room quite easily and I was able to picture Kate in the used-to-be-pink dress. Polly was the one who had interested me the most, she isnt like most grandmothers I know or Ive seen in books. Kate had also interested me since she wasnt like all preppy, and she is such a loyal friend to Buck and Travis! Buck was actually seriously boring to me, and was such a downer. Trav was worried mostly about everything and it got quite annoying! I mean, I can understand to be scared that the world will come to and end, but its probably the end of the world when its a way later year. In the book, when Kates mom came to that party with all that make-up on her& I honestly pictured a clown wearing a tight, gut-sucking dress. Oh, and not to mention Bucks dad& I pictured him in a brown suit, with his stomach hanging out. I must admit, there were few emotional moments with crying. When Buck decided to live with his father in Slocum, I pictured his mother sobbing her eyes out, with like huge globs of mascara running down her face, and that she was almost dead from not enough air. Another sad part I can think of is when Scotty was laying in the hospital bed, with the meter, Irene next to him crying her eyes out, and Scotty was dead cold. So honestly, this actually wasnt that bad of a book, but it still wasnt that interesting to me.
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