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Reader reviewed by Sam

Remembering the Good Times from Richard Peck was in overall in my opinion a good book and for a lot of reasons in it. It was good because the author described many things within the book with an enormous amount of detail in everything the book talked about. The book described clearly what Buck felt about things and why. For instance the book said that Buck felt very angry that Skeeter took his fathers helmet of their yard. It was no accident either, and he wanted Buck to see so they would fight later. It also shows things about Buck that he not really at all Slo or Sub, while his friend Kate is a hard-core Slo and Trav a basic Sub. Skeeter noticed that and picked on Buck on that time even though he was a problem for other people so the book made sense why he picked on Buck. Also the Book made it obvious that there was something always going on all the time whenever it was school or friends.

For instance Buck hated change wishing that everything would stay the same forever, like good times and not always ready what was coming next. Or it was usually between friends where Buck would feel jealous or left out, that being because Kate and Trav were a couple, despite that they were still friends and went through a lot of stuff together. So to add it all together it was fun to read because it showed how things change even, though Buck did not like showing that thing are always changing and that you have to change with it. However when Trav committed suicide I didnt like that everyone in the school acted that he was their friend all along.
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