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Reader reviewed by taylor l

I didnt like Remembering the good times because of many reasons. A few reasons why I didnt like it are, one is that it wasnt very original. Another reason why I didnt like was because why did Travis have to die? Why couldnt it be a happy story instead of a murderous killing story? One more reason for me hating the book remembering the good times is that they could have described the story a little bit better and mad it a little longer than what it originally was. But not everything in remembering the good times I hated. One example in the story is, the activities we did in the group, like one specific project we did which was showing examples of Kates family.

Some more reasons why I didnt like the book are that there was not any picture in it. The pictures do give a good description and if a person cant visualize the event happening in the story then how are the people suppose to get remembering the good times? A few more reasons why the book wasnt the worst and they are, every now and then the book would actually give enough detail about something. An example of the book was when the narrator was describing Pollys room to the people and the costumes that Travis, Kate, and buck wore on Halloween. All in all the book was sort of enjoyable you could get into the story and visualize a few things and details. If I had to recommend the book Remembering the good times I would say it would be an alright book for someone to be doing on there free time or as a graded free reading book.
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