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Reader reviewed by Makaygan P.

This story, Remembering the good times, was boring and interesting at times. Sometimes the book did not make any sense to me. To me they should have used characters that were like us and used a whole different time period so we could relate to it more. I did like it at times because it taught you what other kids go through that have lost their friends. The message of the story to me was that no matter how much you think you know someone you dont actually know what they will do. This story showed all the signs people should have seen but didnt. When people blame their selves for other peoples actions is what I didnt like. Their were a lot of things people could have done to prevent this. Examples would be his friends could have been their more for him, his parents should not have put so much tress on him, and the school should have had more educated classes for those who wanted them. Buck mendenhall and Kates characters could have been in more detail and went through their personal life too. Travs character was displayed very nicely. I thought it gave a vivid picture and brief details on what hes like and his life. The fact that Trav actually died I did not like either. In my opinion, the writer of the story should have portrayed it where he tried to kill himself but didnt succeed in. Also I didnt like that everyone thought it was other peoples fault. It was no ones fault. No one could have stopped this. But I also thought it was interesting because it shows the emotions and the hardships kids have to pass when one of their close friends died. On a five-star scale I would have given this book a 3 because it gave great details but could have had more interesting parts.
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