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Reader reviewed by nathan k

Personally I did not like Remembering the Good Times, because it did not hold my attention and it was boring. It did not hold my attention because parts of it were cheesy and some did not make sense at all. And it kept talking about how Buck wanted to go out with Kate, but he never tried to do anything to get her to go out with him. Now do not get me wrong, it was a good book just not for me.
Remembering the Good Times is about a group of three friends who meet in a town called Slocum. The three friends names were Kate, Buck Mendenhall, the narrator, and Travis Kirby. Travis or Trav for short is one of those people who strive for perfection. Buck Mendenhall lives with his dad in Slocum. He and his dad live in a trailer home in the back of the towns small gas station which is run by Irene and Scotty. Kate is a girl who Buck meets while running through Polly Priors pear orchard. When they meet Kate asks Buck if he wants to see a baby horse being born. Buck says sure and they go see it being born.
Then, when the school year starts, they meet someone else. Travis Kirby. After that they kept hanging out everyday and their friendship kept growing. Finally they started playing card games and board games like Monopoly with Polly Prior. After about two years something tragic happens that could tear their friendship apart.

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