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remembering the good times
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Reader reviewed by ciara f

I thought the book Remembering The Good Times was an okay book. It was just okay because it explains a friendship. Also it lets you know that even if someone acts like everything is alright maybe its not.
The book is about a group of three kids becoming friends. The narrator is named Buck. Bucks parents are divorced. His dad lives in a trailer. While his mom got remarried and moved to Cleveland. He lives with his dad in the trailer behind a convenience store. They are good friends with the owners Scotty and Irene. Buck and Kate met in Pollys orchard. Polly is Kates great grandma. Polly and Kates mom take care of Kate. Kates mom acts like a teenage and it bothers Kate. Since Kates mom is hardly there she a lot of responsibility. Travis moves to Slocum after Kate and buck meet. Travs parents have a house warming party and Mrs. Kirby invites buck and Kate. That bothers Trav. Bucks dad and Kates mom end up going to the party together. Bucks dad interests the other guys so Trav gives buck Kate and Kates mom a tour of the house. When they get to his room they see a bunch of little kid toys. Later he gets caught stealing more toys. People think it was to get back at his parents. His parents decide to send him to his uncles in rural Iowa. The part I didnt like about the book was the fact he took his own life and never explained why. He seemed happy and had it all. He was handsome, good grades, and a big house. He was also born into a rich family!
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