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Reader reviewed by NatashaP

Remembering the Good Times was an interesting and entertaining book. Personally, I liked it because it never seemed to get boring and always had you thinking about something. Another reason I liked it was that it would almost make you go back and see all of the clues that led up to Trav's suicide. Like when they talked about the poem being a sign, my first instinct was to go back and read it to see what they were exactly talking about.

This book also dealt with real life issues and addressed them, I think, very well. It's one thing to put it on television or hang signs but there is something different and more professional about putting it in a book. Richard Peck did and excellent job on weaving a series of events into an interesting plot leading up to the main point of the story (Trav killing himself). Somehow he made you believe that there was something not quite right and made you keep reading to see how it turned out.

In conclusion, I would totally recommend anyone to read this book. It is very true to life and paints a very precise picture in you head. Also, it leaves plenty of room for your own imagination which is very important. If anything i would borrow the book for the library and at least read the speeches they made at the meeting they held for Trav. If that does not convince you, this book may not be for you. However, if your heart was as warmed as min, I can guarantee that you should turn the book over and start at the beginning. Then, HOLD ON TIGHT!
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