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Reader reviewed by Phillip P.

This summary is about the book called Remembering the Good Times by Richard Peck. This is a really good book to my beliefs and my opinion. The narrator is Buck and hes a really good guy in my opinion. Also the characters are Kate, a nice girl, Travis, the smart guy, they are Bucks best friends. Skeeter, the class bully, Mrs. Slater, is the teacher, and Polly, Kates great grandmother.
Buck lives in a trailer behind a Sunoco gas station that belongs to Irene and Scotty. And Kate lives down the road and Travis lives on the highway. There was a fight after school in the book between Buck and Skeeter. The cause of the fight was that Skeeter stole Bucks Hardhat that belonged to his dad.
Travis mentioned that he was a hyperactive kid in his younger years. But after a couple years, Travis later commits SUICIDE!!!!!! In other words, he kills himself. Rusty is a girl who is looking for a date for the homecoming dance. And she chooses Buck.
Kate was going with Travis but he was dead.
Later the people decide to bury Travis but his parents want to take his body to his hometown. So all of Travs friends go with them and bury him. They will always remember the good times with Trav before he killed himself. Kate and Buck will never have a good friend like Trav in a million times, in other words, in a lifetime. There is the summary.
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