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These Things Happen EVery Day, We Just Don't Know About It: Remembering the Good Times
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Reader reviewed by Kara T.

These Things happen Every Day, We Just Dont Know about It;
Remembering the Good Times
I thought the book, Remembering the Good Times (RTGT) by Richard Peck was an excellent book. The book was amazing even though Trav commits suicide.
Buck, the main character in this story, meets Kate in an orchard. Kate asks Buck if he wanted to see a foal being born. Next Kate and Buck went to watch the foal be born, the vet. did not seem to mind that they were there though. After that Buck thought he would never see Kate again.
Later in the day Buck was helping Irene and Scotty pick tomatoes. Irene asked buck to bring some to Mrs. Prior down the road. While he was down there, Mrs. Prior, Kates great aunt told him that she was too mean to die.
Buck had to go back to Farnham to live with his mother when Fred Wundrelich told him that they were moving to Cleveland. Buck argued his way into living with his father in Slocum.
When Buck and Kate go to school they meet Trav. Skeeter, the bully always goes wild at the new and weak teachers. After Skeeter sits down from attacking Mrs. Slater, Trav goes over, calmly lays his hands on Skeeters and everyone is calm for the rest of the period, until the bell rings.
Around Christmas Kate and Buck get invited to Travs parents Christmas Party. While at the party Trav gives Kate and Buck a tour of his house. When they get to his room they were expecting High-Tec stuff and computers. When they got inside the door it was full of toys.
I guess we all should have known when Trav was going to kill himself. Trav had given Kate his Teddy Bear and Buck his calculator. The next day Bucks dad was going to work on Pollys orchard, which she sold. They found Trav in a little clearing with a rope around his neck, and the other end tied to a tree. Trav had hanged himself. I think he did it because he was pushing on himself so much. It was self pressure; he thought he had push himself so hard for his parents to except him. There was no funeral for Trav, but there was a little meeting for the people who wanted to go, just for people to stop worrying. He is in a better place now.
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