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The book Remembering the Good Times is a depressing story about a teenage suicide. This book has some good times and bad/boring times. Buck is a sixteen-year-old boy who tells about his younger childhood about his three best friends Kate, Polly, and Trav. Buck first meets Kate in an orchard owned by Polly which happens to be the third oldest person in Slocum. Polly is a mean, old, grouchy lady in Slocum Township. In 7th grade they meet Trav a smart boy who is very smart in academics and is concerned in world situations. This group would be close sharing the good and bad times. Polly, Kate, Buck, and Trav would all play games on the card table theyd set up especially for Polly since she always sat in a wheel chair. This group will have memories from a play to fights and directing musicals to summer vacations. During school some changes happened to the trio (Buck, Trav, and Kate) like the change to junior high school to a middle school. Now in high-school they have four grades instead of three grades. Buck always hated changes and thought that they should never change because he always liked the way things were. Suddenly when Trav comes back he gives everybody presents, but hes really changed and that change would corrupt the group forever. I have enjoyed this book and I thought it would end differently then it actually did. Once or twice this book touched me because I have had a friend who died, but he did not take his own life on purpose.
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