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Reader reviewed by Rem B

First Kate meets Buck in the sixth grade. Bucks parents got a divorce in Seventh grade. Then they dont see each other till Eighth grade. Kate and Buck start hanging out after Trav calms down Skeeter while he was on his destructive rampage. Trav and Buck and met Polly at Kates house one afternoon. Buck, Trav, Kate and Polly all play cards for a long time in their spare moments. Trav continues to push himself to do infinitely better in school. Buck left to go to Cleveland with his mother for the summer. He hated it.

When Buck gets back he finds Kate and she tells him that the ninth grade is no longer at the middle school, its at the high school. So the trio go to the High school and start their freshman year. Trav is put into all the advanced classes and does incredibly well in school, while Kate and Buck are left in the regular classes. During a party at the Kirbys house, Kate and Buck get to see in Travs room. There are all sorts of toys from his childhood. Then while Kate performed her play, Buck and his dad had to go to the police station to help bail out Trav. He had shoplifted a lot of little kid toys. Then Trav was gone for the entire summer. No one knew why. Trav got back a day before school started. He gave Kate his stuffed bear and Buck his calculator. Then Trav hung himself.

This book is an excellent example of writing talent and discusses a real world happening. I really like this book because of its attention to detail, but it had quite a choppy storyline. All considered, an excellent read.
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