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Reader reviewed by Collin F.

Remembering the Good Times is a book about three kids; Buck, Kate, and Travis or Trav. Buck is the narrator in the story and his mom and dad are divorced. Trav is a rich boy and he is really nice to other people plus he is a great student in school and gets straight As. Kate usually ends up taking care of her family because her mom is always gone and lives with her grandmother Polly. Polly is an old lady in a wheelchair. She says that is to old to die and the meanest person in Slocum.
Buck ends up living with his dad full time because Bucks mom marries Fred and they move to Cleveland. When Buck first met Kate they went on and watched a cow being born. Another character in the story is Skeeter. He is important because he is a bully and tortured the teachers by throwing their stuff off the desks. Trav comes into the story then
by taking Skeeters hand and just held on to them and everyone in the class was then quiet for the rest of the class. Eventually Rusty Hazenfield comes into the story and she is a girl from California.
Buck starts working at the Sunoco, a gas station owned by Scotty and Irene, some good friends of Buck and his dad. One night Scotty gets shot and the store was robbed. Scotty died a week later in the hospital. In the end of the story Trav eventually commits suicide because people thought he was a troubled child in his mind. I honestly did not like this book because it did not give us enough information about the topic.
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