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Reader reviewed by TimW

Remembering the Good Times is a quite well done book. In this story Kate, Buck and Trav are best friends. The books characters are well done, but the end of the book is one of the worst Ive seen. Why is the ending of the book so terrible? Because it is sad and gloomy. The character Polly was by far the best character because she was so old and mean. She really adds a lot to this story by her oldness and meanness. This story was written well, but In the end when Trav kills himself it is so unexpected that it almost surprises you. The reason I hated the ending was because Trav comes back all happy and you would think hes fine and his problems are over. Trav was so troubled before and then he was as happy as can be, then the next thing you know he hangs himself in Pollys orchard. Kate and Buck were very sad and couldnt understand why, and neither could I.
The beginning of this book was great with a good setting and everything. The middle of the book was pretty good too, the storyline wasnt bad either. The part that ruined the book was the ending, it was too unexpected and gloomy. The next thing that kind of ruined the book was that it was so boring and drawn out it didnt have enough action. Overall this book was a an okay book worth reading. But I will say this book is very boring and the end was not well written, it was too sad, they dont have a happy part in the whole last two chapters.

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