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Reader reviewed by Amanda W

Remembering the Good Times is a great book to read. In Remembering the Good Times it starts from the beginning of Kate, Buck, and Travs friendship. Throughout the book it shows the forming, fun, and hardships of friendship. Kate and Buck met in the woods, and then they met Trav in school during the seventh grade. They learned that Trav is the biggest worrywart. He sort of blew things out of proportion sometimes. Though Trav gave many signs of him committing suicide, Kate, Buck, Polly, nor anyone else ever noticed anything or took it too seriously.
There were many unique things about each of them. For example, Trav, he lives with his parents who are lawyers. His room was made up of childish doll figures, teddy bears, and rocket blankets, that was part of what made him unique. Kate on the other hand is pretty and the only girl of the group, with the exception of Polly of course. Kate is not very close to her mother, though, she mostly lives with her grandmother Polly, and is responsible of taking care of her. Polly is almost part of the gang too because she often plays games with them after school. Buck on the other hand lives with his father in a small cluttered trailer home. He does well in school and loves his friends, especially Kate who he secretly is attracted to. So as you can see they are completely different people, yet their friendship could last a lifetime.
This book was great. I was really interested. Maybe in some way I could relate to the characters. I would give this book a five, because I got into the book right away and often struggled putting the book down.
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