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January 20, 2014
LORE OLYMPUS meets GREEK in this steamy, dark fantasy about a sorority girl and her forbidden romance with the god of love. Siobhan Elliot’s World Myths and Legends class was supposed to be an easy way to get elective credit. Instead, she gets an unexpected—and unwanted—blast from the past in the form of the course’s handsome teaching assistant, Jasper Hart. He puts the cliché tall, dark and handsome to shame, but that’s the least of Siobhan’s worries. Because she’s met him before. And he’s definitely not human. Back then, their brief encounter left her with a unique but uncontrollable power, forever altering her young adult life. Now, the only person who can tell her the truth about who—and what—she really is doesn’t seem to remember her. Even so, Jasper’s return opens a whole new world to Siobhan, one straight from the pages of her World Myths and Legends textbook. Her already bizarre life is about to be turned upside down, and nothing—not even her sorority, Gamma Lambda Phi—is left untouched. A world where Greek mythology meets Greek life, legendary lovers reunite, and nothing is what it seems.

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Greek myth comes to life
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Siobhan and her friends find a stranger in the woods and the encounter ends with Siobhan growing a pair of wings! That's just the start of her problems. She learns that the Greek myths were real and she is reincarnated from them. The man from the woods, Jasper, is her past life husband, Eros.
What I liked: The story was interesting and different from the usual retellings. Siobhan genuinely struggles with her feelings for Jasper and when she is forced to choose between love and doing the right thing, she feels helpless.
Having the Gods being from another dimension added a new layer to the story and left me wanting to know more about their world. The reader only gets a glimpse into that world but it builds on the mythos and enhances the story.
What Left Me wanting more: Siobhan, at times, is difficult to connect with, she is a typical college student dealing with extraordinary circumstances. There are times when she makes some questionable choices, that do not reflect well on her character. However, she does make the right choice in the end.
The Verdict: As a huge fan of Greek myth, this book has plenty to keep you entertained and it is a real page turner. I would recommend it.
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Greek myth retelling
Fresh take on old tales
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