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This is a strong finish to the epic adventure that began with last year's REBOOT. As with REBOOT, the plot is relentless, the stakes are incredibly high, and the characters are worth investing in.

The plot is full of twists and turns, alliances and mutiny, surprises and nail-biting suspense. Readers will stay up too late finishing the story as Wren and Callum face unexpected villains, forge alliances, and face the greatest threats in their world.

While the plot is epic and the concept of reboots is fascinating, the true strength of this book lies in the character development of both Wren and Callum. Both have come a long way from where they began in REBOOT. Wren is learning to find her own emotions or, when that fails her, to rely on Callum's instincts in place of her own. Her softer approach, however, doesn't change the fact that she is a kickbutt kind of girl who doesn't hesitate to do what needs to be done. Callum is learning that he has strength and leadership skills of his own, and that while Wren can destroy others in combat, Callum has something of equal value to contribute. His instincts and ability to forge alliances consistently sway the battle to his side, and viewing Wren through his eyes helps the reader (and other characters) understand her and feel empathy. Both step fully into their own capabilities by the end of the story, and that combined with the sweet romance between them (that has some authentic rocky moments), is what most readers will find truly captivating about this series.

Final Verdict:

Relentless action, epic stakes, and characters that will work their way into readers' hearts make REBEL a solid finish to this duology.
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