Rebel, Brave and Brutal (Winter, White and Wicked #2)

Rebel, Brave and Brutal (Winter, White and Wicked #2)
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January 10, 2023
‎ 978-1419757709
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The gripping sequel to Winter, White and Wicked that boasts the thrills of Mad Max: Fury Road and the icy magic of Frozen

Sylvi Quine, the best rig driver on Layce, has braved the dangers of the Shiv Road to save her friend and learned the truth of her power over Winter. Now, she's joined the rebels working to take down the Majority. Her magic could change the course of their fight, and she agrees to meet the king of Paradyia to offer an exchange: the healing powers of the Pool of Begynd for his army.

The journey won't be easy. To get there, Sylvi will have to navigate the Kol Sea, crossing through Winter's storms and swarms of her Abaki––all while outrunning the Majority, who have sent their best Kol Master to track her down and bring her in, dead or alive.

But she isn't traveling alone. Mars Dresden knows Sylvi is the key to freeing Layce, and demands she train like it. Kyn, the boy with stone flesh and a soft heart, is bound to Sylvi in more ways than one, a connection that both hurts and heals. And Lenore, Sylvi's best friend, insists the Majority pay for what they’ve done to her parents. Even though her crew believes in her, Sylvi's still learning to use her power, and Winter’s whispers are constant . . .

Will she be able to control Winter when it matters most? Or will this be the end of the rebellion?

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First off, the cover is gorgeous and the title is eye-catching. But even better, the world-building in this book is amazing. The first book I read on a hot sultry day and I was a bit chilled reading the scenes in this book and how frostbite nips at her lips as the magic tears from her to force the elemental spirit of Winter to do her bidding. This second book in the duology, I read during a historically cold snap where I lived, and reading about this world made the cold settle into my bones. I had on warmer clothes, blankets, and the heat turned up while reading the descriptions of the land from which Sylvi comes. Depending on what temperature you love, pick the time of year you read this book with care.
I read the two books almost a year apart and, in many ways, there are enough references to the first book to help me remember and follow what was happening, but the plot is tight enough between the two that I would have enjoyed it even more if I was fresh off the first story when beginning the second. This was particularly true in reference to her mother’s backstory and how it was connected to the curse of the Shiv people.
I enjoyed the relationship between Kyn and Sylvi and how it evolved. Mars Dresden is the perfect mysterious warrior. Revealing his backstory does not diminish his status as an enigma. He was brusque and brutal in his dealings with winter. I was hoping for a relationship between him and Sylvi until his familial relationship with her is revealed. He is easily one of my favorite characters.
Final Verdict: This book is action-packed and hard to put down as Sylvi and her companions show down against the powerful elemental force of winter. I was so cold while reading this book so I would also give special recognition to the amazing writing talent of Shannon Dittemore’s ability to world build. This is a great book to choose for people who enjoy action and adventure/ epic fantasies.
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