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4.7 5
Young Adult Fiction 588
Video games + 80s + apocolyptic
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There are tons of twists in this book/game. The plot is linear like a scrolling video game so I don't want to give away anything.

If you like retro culture, you'll love this book. If you like fast paced action, complex relationships or plot twists, that's all here too! I couldn't wait to get home and keep reading.

It was easy to get into this book. A few weeks later I still find myself recalling the world, the characters, ahhhhh so good!
Good Points
The main 3 characters have an awesome dynamic
The setting - virtual world and our "real" world help make this a book an escape while the plot is about people who want to escape the real world. Get it? :)
Loved the writing style - easy to read, but not "dumbed down"
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