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This is not mean for teenage girls.

In my opinion, Rascal, should not be read by a 7th grade girl. It was more of a “boy” book. Not trying to be a steriotype. It was boring. If it wasn’t for language arts I would’ve never read or finished this book. I think a 7th grader boy, might actually enjoy this book. But, I think it depends on what he has read in the past. There are some boring parts, but I will be honest, there were some pretty interesting things, said from a 13 year old girl.

It was different, unique. I mean, who would have wild animals as pets? Not me! You never know what they could do. But for a boy so motherless, with no friends but maybe two. He isn’t a bad kid, just spends more time at his house working on his 20ft canoe in the middle of his living room. His father could care less what he does. So, he gets wild animals and brings them home. This time, he found a raccoon.

This raccoon was the closest thing he has ever been too. He could tell him anything, even though he was just a animal. Sterling didn’t even teach Rascal everything. They taught each other things.

From fighting over tiny coins, to giving a poor raccoon a sugar high. This was only the beginning. “Do as you please my little raccoon, this is your life.”
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