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Cheeky, fun, and refreshing spin on Rapunzel
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Rapunzel is trapped in a tower by a witch who sells her hair. The witch warns Rapunzel that if she ever tries to escape, she will be cursed! But Rapunzel is clever and industrious and soon hatches a plan...

Bethan Woollvin's take on the traditional Rapunzel story line is a delight. The illustrations combine clean, simple lines with just the right amount of color and always a dash (or more) of humor, whether it's in Rapunzel's sly expression or in a small detail like the title of a book Rapunzel is reading. The paperback copy cover also features an adorable interactive pictures on front and back interior flop.

Rapunzel's character is one young readers are sure to root for and learn from. She is resourceful and strategic, planning her move against the witch carefully. While she ultimately saves herself, she does receive a little help from a nearby horse, highlighting that even when we are perfectly capable on our own, a friend can still provide welcome support.

RAPUNZEL is an engaging picture book that demonstrates the importance of being your own champion and finding your own path forward.
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