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Blowin' in the Wind
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In this companion to Drop: An Adventure through the Water Cycle (A Science Pals Book), we follow Drops' friend Puff on his adventures through the atmosphere. He and the other bits of wind protect that planet, and regulate the temperature. Puff keeps the air circulating, and can even carry his friend Drop around until he becomes rain. We see that Puff can go into water and aerate it, and can go into the soil as well to provide oxygen for plants and animals living there. There is good information about how humans need oxygen and plants need nitrogen; I wish all elementary school students would read this, because it would make 6th grade easier for them all if they knew this basic information!

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This is a rather cute way to explain the convection cycle and how air circulates; Puff looks a bit like a Sta-Puff marshmallow man without the body. The curl on top of his head, as well as the facial expressions, has a kitten-like quality that will enthrall young readers. There's a good sense of movement, given all of the air blowing about, and even the words on the page waft about a good bit.

Reading picture books about science is an excellent way to not only entertain preschool children, but to prepare them for the information they will delve into once they go to school. It's fun to do basic science experiments, and this would be great to read in March before flying some kites! Delight your budding scientist with this cute and engaging look at the way wind works, and use it to do research into the topic along with Rockwell's Clouds, Maclear and Pak's The Fog, Ganeri's I Wonder Why the Wind Blows: And Other Questions About Our Planet, and Karg and Diao's I Am the Wind.
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