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Review of Profiles #3: Tech Titans
(Updated: March 31, 2012)
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I love technology. So when I spotted Tech Titans, it was an automatic read for me.

Tech Titans covers the standard bio information like where they grew up, what schools they attended, etc. At times it reads a little slow, but there is always something to catch your attention and keep you interested. I would say that you don't have to read this book cover to cover...if you don't find Steve Jobs interesting, skip to the next Titan. There are plenty of photos that will draw you into each of their stories. In fact, that's what this book is: six stories in one.

At 144 pages, this isn't a thick book. It's easy to hold (I know...I'm being picky here), and stays open if you're trying to read it one handed. Each profile of the Tech Titan is about 20 pages long, and packed with photos. I really liked the layout of this book.

I found myself about halfway through when something really jumped out at me: Each of these guys didn't take the traditional route. Some of them came from working class families, others had families with plenty of money. All of them worked extremely hard, and found something in life that they were passionate about.

But it wasn't a solo act developing Google, or Microsoft, or Apple. Some of these guys were friends and competitors at the same time. That relationship challenged each of them to become even better at their craft.

Tech Titans is a book that gives you behind the scenes access to six of probably the most fascinating people in the tech industry.
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