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So bubbly making!!!
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This was so much better than the first book. I totally loved it.
I loved the new pretty words- it was so bubbly making.

I was heartbroken over David, I think that he and Tally are the perfect couple and not Zane(-la) who I think is cool by the way. I liked the fact that he didn't blame Tally outright for begging him to take the pill which now eats his brain.
My worst character in this book is Shay. I liked her in the first book but in this one she was just so off. She's the one who always get Tally(-wa) into trouble and then blames it on Tally. She didn't want the cure in the first book - I respect that decision as it was her body and she did not want to risk her life- which led to Tally deciding to become pretty. After Tally became pretty, got the cure which she shared with Zane, she (Shay) was angry that Tally didn't share it with her and turned herself into a cutter, then joined Special Circumstances and became a Special Special. If that wasn't enough, she decided to force tally into being a Special too! God she's crazy!
I still like the Special Circumstances though just not the Special Specials.

Anyway, this book is amazing and makes me realise that being pretty is not always what it's wrapped up to be.
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