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Reader reviewed by Kyla

I absolutely LOVE this book and all the others in this series (But especially this one!). This book is the second in the Uglies series by Scott Westerfield and is set in the future. In the world of this series, when you are of a certain age you are required to get a surgey that makes you perfect. Sorta  like an extreme version of plastic surgery. After the operation you go live in the designated place for pretties, in Tally's (The main character) case it is on an island. Tally gets her surgery and lives in Prettyville and has a lot of fun, finding a nice guy whom she falls in love with (I'm sure most female readers would fall in love with him, too! He is awesome!). But her happy turns bad and she has to fix it and figure out what she wants from her life AGAIN! I like the start of the book where she is happy as a pretty and goes to parties. I just like the idea. This book made me long for Scott Westerfield's future now. I would reccemend this book to anyone that is interested in this stuff and even ones that aren't. It is an awseome books, though there are some plot holes.
~Kyla  : )
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