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In this sequel to Uglies, Tally has given herself up to the authorities to save Shay from losing her free will.  Maddy (davids mom) has found a cure to the lesions you get when you become pretty, but Shay refuses to be the guney pig to try the pills. So when Tally goes to get the pills hidden in garbo masion, Zane(the leader of the crims and tallys crush) comes along with her.  When Tally is afraid of taking the pills alone Zane said he'll take one with her, unfortunantly you need both pills otherwise the nanos in one of the pills eat away at you and you dont have the good nanos in the other pill to destroy those nanos(you follow me there? Basically ane took the pill that will eat at the lesions in his brain but when those are gone they'll eat at other things like his motor skills and Tally took the other pill wich is supposed to destroy the nanos that eat the lesions, so they did nothing for tally).  So now Tally, Zane, and the crims are off to the new smoke, by escaping by jumping out of the city limits with a hot air balloon. Tally lands off course onto a preserve where caveman live, and when she finnaly escapes and makes it to the new smoke only zanes there so ware are the other crims?
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