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I'd Still Rather be Ugly
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In Pretties, the second installment of Scott Westerfelds series, the infamous ugly Tally Youngblood is now a pretty.

Everything is perfect in Tallys pretty world. She is with her friends again, and she has nothing but fun. But then Tallys perfect world takes a turn when she is contacted by one of the uglies, and then finds the letter that she had written to herself.

Tally and her new beau Zane find the cure, but Tally is to afraid to go it alone. So, Tally takes one pill and Zane takes the other. But the pill seems to have different effects on Zane and they must escape to find the new Smoke where Zane can get help.

In their escape they are separated and Tally makes yet another discovery in the Pretties not so perfect existence. When Tally finally reaches the Ruins it is David that she meets, and learns what has happened to Zane.

Once again the Specials are on Tallys tail, but now she has a choice to make. Will it be David or Zane.

Pretties is even better than Uglies. Tallys character is even more complex as well as the storyline. You never know what is going to happen next and that makes it that more interesting. I have to say I couldnt put it down and the cliffhanger ending has me eager to read Specials.
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