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Can "it" be un-done?
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Marit is convinced she (and her guy-friend Jamie) are the last virgins at their high school. And shes worried that her mental hang-up about sex is the reason that she cant seem to hold on to a boyfriend. Things seem really desperate to her when she makes a fool of herself with her latest crush, Noah. When her sister Hilly advises her to get it over with, perhaps with someone unthreatening and safe&like Jamie&Marit decides to go for it.

At first, even her best friend Caroline (she rounds out the threesome of friends) thinks it is a good idea, though Jamie takes some encouragement. But it soon becomes obvious to the reader (if not to Marit) that once you let the cat out of the bag (so to speak), things are never the same. Doing it changes everything.

Soon Marit finds herself juggling more than she can handle. Is there a way to undo the damage? Can she keep her friends and the guy she wants?

The author, Aury Wallington, has written for both Sex and the City and Veronica Mars. Her style is light and entertaining and overall the book succeeds at being a fun read. My only real complaint is that Marit really doesnt grow or seem to learn anything from the mess that shes gotten into. Things tie up a little too neatly in the end; in fact, far more neatly than they would in real life. Of course, this isnt real life and there isnt necessarily anything wrong with that.

The sex talk is frank, but not overly graphic. Recommended for teens 14 and up, though many parents might find the subject matter not of their liking this is, after all, a book about teenage sexuality and the consequences thereof. The author does advocate safe sex and even throws in a cautionary pregnant teenager, which will make some parents feel better.
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