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This hilarious rhyming book begins with a premise that most kids will love, unless they are deterred by "potty humor."
Mouse wakes one morning to discover a nasty surprise outside their door, leading to the odorous mystery of "POO-DUNIT?" With the help of her friends, Mouse is determined to track down the culprit - each friend has an.. alibi of sorts, in the fact that their poo looks very different than the one left by Mouses' door.

The illustrations are vibrant and oh so detailed, down to the odor trail and hairs, almost to the point of being gross that my kids found hysterical. The characters are brought to life with human expressions that fit the story just right.
The rhymes are cute and full of emotion that, along with the illustrations, had my children laughing out loud.

My kids had fun trying to match the poo piles at the end with the descriptions throughout the story, and will use the information the learned on our next hiking trip!

I was a big fan of all of the educational information brought out in a fun way! Poo doesn't always have to be gross - it can be beneficial, too, when treated correctly to make fertilizer. Poo-Dunit opens the door for more science talk in a way that is highly entertaining for children.
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