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Powerful Women Pirates!
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In most pirate literature, the main character is usually a male, even in historical stories. It's nice seeing some female representation, especially how Leigh Lewis lays everything out to give you a little bit of everything. There are both cartoon-style illustrations and real photos which is more appealing. The only female I was familiar with was Grace so it was nice seeing women from all over the world rising up to be fierce.

As for the writing, it's so lyrical and well written that it feels more like a novel than a history lesson. There's a healthy mixture of poetry and facts that it holds my interest even as an adult. It's one I'll keep on hand for when my daughter gets older. My favorite one, because I'm a fan of Greek Mythology, was Artemisia and how she pretty much told her brother that she's coming for him. It's refreshing to read about strong female pirates who didn't care what other people thought about them. There's a lesson in that.

Final Verdict: Overall, this is a fascinating and educational collection of of strong female women who took charge on the raging seas. This is perfect for and of history, especially for those as equally intrigued by pirates as me!
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