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When Piglet first arrives at his new home, he's terrified because he has no idea where he is. Before, he was all alone in a kennel. Now, he smells new scents and understands that they're other dogs around him, but isn't sure if he can trust him. Because he can't see or hear, the smells are overstimulating and aren't as reassuring as you'd think. At least not initially. The longer he spends in his new home, the less frightening everything seems and soon, he becomes the crutch that the others need to lean on.

PIGLET COMES HOME is an inspiring and endearing story about how a blind and deaf puppy finally finds his forever home. This is such a sweet story and I wouldn't mind seeing more adventures of little Piglet. Another added bonus is seeing the real photos of the dogs in the back of the book. They're as cute as the illustrations depict. It's sweet to see how puppies adapt even when their senses that we rely on to get by are stripped from them. I also love how he looks just like a little piglet in his illustration and his photo in the back.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of dogs and finding your place in life. This is such a touching story that makes me want to go out and rescue all of the puppies. It goes to show that anyone can find their forever home and a place where they truly belong no matter what tries to hold them back.
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