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PIGEON & CAT is a sweet picture book about friendship and community. Cat lives alone in a small lot, which is how he likes it. He scares away anyone that wanders into his lot and only leaves to find food. One day, he finds an egg that is too pretty to eat, and a bird hatches from it - Pigeon. With Pigeon, Cat is happy. Pigeon communicates in his own way and brings Cat some sidewalk chalk which they use to decorate the lot.

One day, Pigeon flies far away and when he does not come back, Cat is worried and heads out into the city to find him. As Cat goes, he makes new connections and begins to appreciate community, creating artwork all around town. Eventually, he sees some birds carrying something colorful and follows them back to his lot and finds Pigeon with the lot transformed to welcome all.

What I loved: This was an overall sweet read about friendship, home, and community. The sidewalk chalk art that brings joy to Cat and Pigeon transforms the city and the lot into something more lovely. The story speaks to the things that bring people together and a renewed sense of purpose and sharing. The artwork is really lovely and captures the animals and city well. Children will enjoy examining the illustrations and all the interesting details as well as the sidewalk chalk art and its messages between Cat and Pigeon. The loop of where Pigeon went is closed when he tells Cat about what happened, and children will find the ending very satisfying.

Final verdict: A sweet story of kindness, friendship, and home, PIGEON AND CAT captures the joy of creating and sharing in community through small efforts and artwork. This will work well for preschoolers on up!
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