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Penny Lu Porcupine is the story of a porcupine and shares that they can't see very well unless the object is appropriately in front of them. Porcupines have to ever be on guard for predators, but they have a natural armor of 30,000 razor-sharp quills that will surely stop any enemy from taking a bit out of the porcupine. Penny Lu sees a few things in the dark. They could be predators, so she goes on the defense and roars that she is strong and brave. Little kids face many fears, and though they don't have 30,000 razor-sharp quills to defend with, they can be confident and courageous when scared. Penny Lu finally has to face a giant predator for real, and for a moment, she is so frightened she forgets how to defend herself, but at the last moment, she does. Penny Lu reminds us we can be scared, but when it comes down to it, we can overcome the fear.
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