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Reader reviewed by abscae

I'm sort of wary of these kinds of books, because it brings up the fact that not all of life is perfect, and love doesn't always end up in a fairytale. I hate that fact, despite how true it is. Yet, I have to award the author, because this books was truly charming and caught my attention. I really glad to admit that I have a copy of it sitting on my shelf, because it's a proud books to own.

Oddly, it reminded me of The Secret Life of Bees. Just the overall summer feeling, the feeling of something new and powerful approaching, and the feeling of the peaches in our hands.

Of course, it's obvious that the peach represents purity and the sweetness of summer, and just the imagery in some of the areas caught me too.

Overall, it's a great read. I'd definitely recommend this one.
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