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Status: Book 2 of the Delirium Trilogy

Published: February 28th 2012 by HarperTeen

pages: 455

This is NOT a spoiler free review. Watch out. Also contains spoilers for DELIRIUM.

Delirium had left off with Alex dead behind the fence and Lena alone in the wilds. Pandemonium takes off from the same spot. Lena makes her way through the wilds until she is found by a group of Invalids who take her in and fix her up.

She struggles to find her place in the land beyond the fence now that Alex isn’t with her.

The story is told from two different points in time but from lena’s perspective in both. We’re told the story of how she survived in the wilds and how difficult it was to adjust and also, the story of how she joined the resistance and began working as an inside agent spying on the DFA: Deleria Free America.

This book introduces a whole bunch of new characters; Raven, Tack, Julian and plenty of others but Lena is still good old whiny Lena :D

She manages to bitch about everything; from the snow and the cold and lack of food to the pain in her legs. For most of the book she complains of feeling faint and not being able to walk although I don’t recall her sustaining any injuries to her legs at that point. In fact, her “partner” at this point of the story was more injured than she was, having been beaten in the face repeatedly but even he doesn’t whine and hobble around as much Lena does.

Just when she’s starting to get it together, Lauren Oliver gives her yet another reason to start moaning again at the very end of the book. Not telling because this is a biggie.

As annoying as she sometimes is, I felt like she has grown quite a bit in this book. Maybe even a little too much; she went from a timid little play-by-the-rules to a knife toting badass.

In all fairness this book was a drastic improvement over the first one, and the story is still really entertaining and it’s a pretty fast read as well.

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