Paint by Sticker Kids: Rainbows Everywhere!: Create 10 Pictures One Sticker at a Time!

Paint by Sticker Kids: Rainbows Everywhere!: Create 10 Pictures One Sticker at a Time!
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October 25, 2022
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Paint by Sticker Kids is unstoppable! The series ships over a million copies a year, and the reasons are obvious: stickers, stickers, and more stickers, plus an activity that delivers hours of screen-free, mess-free fun.
These days, rainbows are about as hot as stickers—Rainbows Everywhere! combines both for pages of brightly colored joy. Each image—a sweet cat, kites flying in the air, a unicorn, and, of course, a rainbow—is swathed in vibrant hues.
The colorful images use low-poly art, a computer style that creates 3-D images out of polygon shapes. To “paint” a picture, just peel off the stickers and place them on the corresponding numbered spaces. The stickers are reusable, so kids can repeat the fun. The stickers are designed to be easy for little hands to handle. And no paint means no splatter, drips, or messy clean-up. Just stickers and fun.

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PAINT BY STICKER KIDS: RAINBOWS EVERYWHERE! is a delightful new paint-by-sticker adventure for children who love color. The book includes 10 paintings that are done by stickers in very colorful fashion. The images include a unicorn, cat, candy, rainbows, and more. The animals and objects are crafted to be composed of rainbows in this one, creating some really lovely and unique artwork.

What I loved: The paint-by-sticker series is a really awesome choice for young children. It's virtually clean and highly portable, as it only uses a sticker sheet and the final painting on cardstock. Placing the stickers uses great spatial reasoning, as children need to line them up within the designated space. It also requires short-term memory and number matching, as children must remember the sticker number and/or the spatial location to place them appropriately. The task is also something great for young children who are getting into crafting and artwork, as it is something they can do independently. My newly 5-year-old can do these on his own, and the quiet focus is really great - with a beautiful image at the end!

This one features rainbows on each page, so it is great for children who love colors. The pages are all perforated, so the artwork can be pulled out and displayed once created. The stickers also allow for mistakes, as they can peeled up right after placing to be re-adjusted as needed. Altogether, this is a great activity for young children!

The size and number of stickers typically varies from picture to picture within the same book, making some harder than others. In this book, they are all reasonably large and there are no images too complex. This one would work well as a beginning book, with some really easy images to moderate images for children to create. There are not any that are too complex in this book.

Final verdict: Overall, PAINT BY STICKERS KIDS: RAINBOWS EVERYWHERE! is a great choice for children new to paint-by-sticker who love creating with color.
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