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OUT OF THIS WORLD is a compilation of haikus that describe the different things we see in space, like planets, asteroids, moons, eclipses, and more. With each haiku is a stunning illustration which are truly out of this world with their bold colors and realistic feel. My daughter enjoyed looking at the pictures over and over because of the beauty and mystery space holds, especially the stars section.

After reading the poetry part, there’s a “Further Explorations” section in the back of the book that offers more information about space and what resides in its dark depths. There’s even a small glossary and suggestions for further reading. I like how this book appeals to many different readers. Those who like space, those who like poetry, and readers who enjoy learning about new things. OUT OF THIS WORLD is a unique combination of these three things which is perfect for children since they don’t always have the best attention span.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to children aged six and up who love space and poetry. It’s also a good one for young readers to grow into because they can just stare at the pictures and feel satisfied. That’s how it was with my five-year-old. She’s a bit too young to understand haikus like me but she loved looking at the illustrations and it’s one she can learn from in the future.
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