Opposites - Opuestos

Opposites - Opuestos
Co-Authors / Illustrators
  • Ekaterina Gaigalova
Publisher Name
Albatros Media
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Release Date
December 06, 2022
What is hard and what is soft? What is curved and what is straight? What is safe and what is dangerous?
Learn these and many other opposites in English and Spanish in the bilingual title Opposites-Opuestos.
Can you name something fragile, something fast, and something loud? And do you know what opposites are? The world around us is filled with them! When you look closely at things, you will learn that they can be cold, light, pointed, or even stinky. Each of these things has an opposite—something hot, heavy, rounded, or fragrant. And there is much, much more to discover in this book!

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OPPOSITES is a picture book that collects objects and concepts related to opposing terms. The book goes through opposite pairs such as hot and cold or fragrant and stinky with a term on each side of the page spread. Around the words are images with labels to suit each term with lots of examples selected.

What I loved: Children who love looking at pictures and labeling them will appreciate this concept. Each one is labeled in both English and Spanish to allow some bilingual learning if/as desired as well. The images are cute and cartoonish with plenty of examples of the terms on each spread. The font is clear and bold throughout, making it easy to read as desired to little ones.

What left me wanting more: Some of the terms are more of concepts and not so clear. It could be confusing, particularly for little ones. Some of the selections are subjective as well, such as just bathed (wet) dog being fragrant vs stinky, but this could create some discussions for little ones to consider further.

Final verdict: OPPOSITES is an intriguing collection of objects related to opposing terms that will work well for children who love labeling images.
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