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Kids Fiction 114
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This very simple picture book is the third in a series, following Uh-Oh! Rabbit and Yippee! Rabbit. Using black silhouette images with pink highlights, Ham shows us a rabbit going about its day, getting into a variety of trouble involving the rabbit being ON different objects, and then falling OFF. Rabbit stands on a chair and draws pictures on the wall, builds a sandcastle only to have the tide wash it away, takes a bath with way too many bubbles, and manages to pull over a cake that is sitting on a table. This, however, ends fairly happily with the rabbit munching on a piece of cake with pink frosting.

Good Points
With its high contrast style sensory images, this is a good choice for very young children. The vocabulary is very limited, with some pages just containing the word "Oops!". The end papers are especially charming, with vignettes from the book turned into a pattern, with pink images on a black background.

This seems like the type of picture book one might find in the gift shop of art or design museums, and will be perfect for parents who like the stylized esthetic of Hokkanen's Kitty and Cat: Opposites Attract or Coat's Comparrotives.
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