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A sea turtle swims through the ocean, doing his normal thing, when the unexpected happens. Something gets stuck in his nose while he's searching for food. He sneezes and coughs on it for weeks, but it doesn't come out. Not only is breathing made more difficult, but so is eating. He suffers through this until a marine biologist finds him. With some force, they're able to remove the object and are shocked to discover it's a drinking straw.

ONE TURTLE'S LAST STRAW is a thought-provoking story about one turtle who almost dies because of human waste. This book is based on a true event and it stimulates a child's mind about things they can do to prevent something like this from happening again. This marine biologist has a powerful message and understands that turtles don't have voices so she has to stand up for them. While this is a child's book, the author doesn't sugar coat things. Instead, we see how badly the turtle was hurt and the fact that it made him bleed when they pulled it out. The turtle is illustrated to be cute and I love the positioning of items, like the straw. They stand out from the environment almost like a look and find.

Final Verdict: This is a lesson the next generation needs to learn because they'll be the ones living in it. I would recommend it to fans of turtles and those who enjoy nature. There's even a video the reader can watch on YouTube of the real events.
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